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Please call/TEXT Pamela at (530) 721-0591 to get started. Yes, we are open but for private pilates classes only. No group or semi-group classes at this time. Look forward to hearing from you. Last updated July 2021.

  • $85

    Private Classes

    per single session
    • $825 per 10 pack
    • Book your private classes by phone or TEXT (530)721-0591
  • $85

    Pre / Post Natal

    per single class
    • $825 per 10 pack
    • Book your private class by phone or TEXT (530)721-0591
  • $85

    Gyrotonic (Apprentice)

    per single class
    • $825 for 10 pack
    • Book your private class by phone or TEXT (530)721-0591
Keep calm and do pilates
Pilates in Lake Tahoe

Are you new to pilates ?

We are always super excited about introducing anyone to our studio. We offer a gentle and fun approach to working with each person and their individual goals. No matter of age, abilities or injuries we seek to provide a non-competitive, supportive environment that will continue to encourage and challenge.


10 packs  Please note  the 10 packs are good for 6 months. They will expire in 6 months from your sign up date.

Policy for Non-locals

We welcome visitors to Pamela’s Pilates. Please contact the studio at least 24 hours prior to the time you would like schedule a time to come in for a private. A credit card  number is needed to hold your appointment. Sorry, we are only offering private pilates classes at this time. The studio is not open to walk-ins, and therefore does not keep regular business hours.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations or changes to a scheduled appointment need to be made within 24 hours or you will be charged for the class.

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Pilates Studio Lake Tahoe

Call or text Pamela to get started (530) 721-0591

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