Fit for Life

Fit for Life

We are excited to offer a fun new  class for all ages and those who want to learn about pilates at a gentler, slower pace. This class is designed for someone who is interested in  the mind/body connection of movement. Learning the concepts of breathing, pelvic and lumbar spine alignment, rib cage placement, shoulder mobility and stability and head and neck alignment. Bringing awareness to the posture may be the first step in improving fitness levels.

Emphasis on Flexibility, Strength & Coordination

We will be combining the use of the small equipment, such as the ‘Arc Barrel’, Fitness Bands, small and large fitness balls, light weights, foam rollers fitness circles and the blue stability cushions. As well as the larger equipment, the reformer stability chair, ladder barrel and the cadillac.

4 week Introduction to Pilates
Cost $100
☞Ask about dates for next session.

Policy; This workshop can only be taken one time. Once you have completed the workshop you are welcome to sign up for regularly scheduled classes. You will be allowed 1 make up class only. Please contact Pamela (530)721-0591 to sign up.