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Casey Lucas; Pro Snowboarder and athlete of fun

Cherish Yesterday – Dream Tomorrow – Live Today
Casey moved to Tahoe in 2003 after graduating high school to pursue her dream of living an active life in the mountains. She fell in love with snowboarding and started competing in the Kirkwood Extreme Competition. She was fortunate enough to spend 2011-2014 competing in various competition tours all over the world. Most dear to her is living an active and healthy lifestyle right here in Lake Tahoe: Mountain Biking, Skiing, Swimming, SUP Boarding and more. Casey trains at Pamela’s Pilates to keep her overall strength, mobility and fitness in balance to facilitate her high impact sports. For more information about Casey’s Blog and epic imagery refer to www.caseylucassnow.com

“Being outside in nature is my passion; whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, jumping off cliffs, or anything else that’s expressing an exciting existence. Snowboarding has been my passion for many years and will continue to be a focus for many years in the future. The freedom that riding gives me is indescribable and I can’t get enough of it.

I am thankful everyday that I have been given a strong body and driven mind to lead this life. Everyday for me is another day to smile, laugh harder, jump higher, and ride faster. In this journey of fun I have learned to trust in self, over come fears, and really just learn how to live a more full and inspiring life.

Follow my journey and most importantly enjoy your ride in life!” ~Casey Lucas

 We would like to thank and credit photographer Reid Capling for his excellent images of Casey.