Nominee for Blue Ribbon Awards

It’s an honor to be nominated for such a great award

I feel quite privileged to be a part of the Tahoe Experience.

A little about me.  My husband and I moved to South Lake Tahoe from Southern California in 1988. We bought our home that we still live in, had 2 children that have grown up here. Our oldest, a daughter graduated from Mills College, with a BA in Art History and a minor in dance. She worked at Markus Ashley gallery when she was home on her college breaks. Her dance came from Rose Marie Ottman, as she has continued to dance in a small troupe in the Bay area.

Our son, who is currently at Chapman College, played on the travel hockey team and football at the High school and has continued to play football in college.

We, as a family were very involved with the “Lake Tahoe Wildlife care,” and my husband is currently the Vice President on their board of directors. I mention all this as to show we are a “very Tahoe “ family. I started my career when the kids were in high school, I knew my “Mom” job was coming to an end and then it was my turn to find my next passion.

I was never one who loved the gym but skied and wound-up with a few knee surgeries as a result of. It was my so rehabilitation that led me to pilates. I had been a dancer in my younger years, and loved the challenge and the ability to move with fluidity and strength. I found pilates to be the perfect connection between dance and athletic ability.

When I decided pilates was my passion, I researched to find the best possible company to obtain my teacher training. The Stott/Merrithew Company is based out of Canada, as the founders were both dancers and had created a pilates company that entailed the basic teachings from Joseph Pilates, as well as physicians, physical therapists and others in the field of the human anatomy. Stott/Merrithew is now a worldwide pilate’s methodology that has perfected and updated the basic work.

I have continued with Stott/Merrithew in my course work as they have provide the most updated research in rehabilitation for injuries as well as challenging exercises for the most astute athlete.

I started out teaching at the college and then opened a small studio, and then upgraded to another larger studio and added equipment. I love doing pilates as much as I love teaching pilates! I am so passionate about it and watching my clients succeed, via recovering from an injury or finding success in their athletic achievements’. I think that everyone can benefit with pilates in their lives.

I am in such gratitude for all my clients, their dedication to allow me to re train their bodies to work with more efficiently, strength and flexibility. Thus, feeling better in their bodies and their self-esteem.

I love what I do, and I do what I love.  Pilate’s rocks! Just say’n…

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