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Pamela Amsden, owner & instructor at her South Shore pilates studio – Pamela’s Pilates

Pamela Amsden

After, I knew that I wanted to become a Pilates Instructor, I did some research on the different companies, that offered Instructor Training courses, I asked around and took classes from various instructors etc. 

Stott Pilates, (Merrithew) caught my eye. Stott Pilates offered an extensive level of training, a variety of course work, with text books and exceptional trainers. I realized early on in my training, that Stott , offered a much more detailed orientation to the anatomy of the body and how it works, therefore offering a much higher standard of executing the teaching of the exercises.

The Stott method, has text books , anatomy reference guides and really tough exams. Their intention is to “weed out the weak”– so to speak. As to become a Stott Instructor, they seek to produce impeccable Instructors to represent their name and reputation.

I will never forget my first day . I was in class with Nurses, Physical Therapists, and people who had been trained through other well known pilates companies that were getting re trained via the Stott method. I knew I was in the right place (and a bit intimated!) I have continued to pursue my education with Stott/Merrithew, as they are innovative and continue to provide a variety of course work, that allows me to continue my education on “How the body works” as well as providing my clients with safe and effective exercise, that stands up to time.

Stott Pilates provides a safe and effective long term exercise routine, that will change how you use your body, therefore allowing you to feel freedom of movement,with out stress on your joints, providing flexibility, strength and coordination.

Pilates in not for those looking for a quick, trendy fix only to en-cure injury at a later date. The Stott/Merrithew method provides safe, invigorating and challenging exercises that are based on Joseph Pilates.

Certifications & Course Work Completed
STOTT PILATES Matwork – Level 1
STOTT PILATES Mat Plus Intensive
STOTT PILATES Reformer Intensive Course
STOTT PILATES Cadillac, Chair & Barrels Intensive
STOTT PILATES Reformer & Platform Extender Workshop
STOTT PILATES Athletic Conditioning on the V2 Max Plus
STOTT PILATES Pre/Postnatal Pilates on the Reformer, V2Max & Mat
ZEN•GA Power & Strength Workshop
Total Barre Instructor Foundation Course – Level 1
Total Barre Qualified Instructor
Total Barre Endurance with Music – Level 1
ISP Injuries & Special Populations
Member of the prestigious Merrithew Health & Fitness (MH&F) International Network