stott pilates tahoe

I have had to study long and hard – much harder than my college days, as a Sociology major, as I have had very difficult exams in anatomy and proper execution of the exercises, to insure each person I work with receives the most professional training.

The Stott / Merrithew methodology of Pilates requires a more profound and educated level of exercises that actually corrects the anatomy and posture of the body. To insure that one can move with out pain in the joints and can actually have a new “way “ to move more freely with strength and endurance in their bodies.

Via, the athlete, who pushes their bodies to amazing levels or the person who has injury or illness and has difficulty in moving with ease and pain free.

pamelas pilates teacher signature tahoe fitness I have had the privileged of working with people from the astute athlete, marathon runners to ski/ snowboarder competitors, Parkinson’s disease. Cancer and Scoliosis.  Hip, knee shoulder surgeries etc. and pre & post natal.

I have worked with people from ages 16 to 89! I truly love what I do, as Pilates has put me back together, I have had 3 knee surgeries, from skiing and have had some other issues. As I was a dancer for 25 years and had some injury from that. I found pilates to do the trick in getting myself back together.

It is my personal opinion; that everybody no matter of age or issue can benefit from doing pilates with us at Pamela’s Pilates.

A good day is had, when someone “get’s it” to connect with their bodies. To watch them find their personal strength in the core muscles. “Much harder than it sounds.” There is allot of  muscles that have to be engaged to make the connection.

Doing pilates correctly takes a lot of perseverance. But can make a life long change. There is a lot of pilates out there. The company that we are certified with is based in Canada as well as the UK and Asia. The level of Pilates that they teach continues to the  Physical therapist level. Their standards are high, to ensure each instructor, knows how to execute and teach Pilates in a manner of excellence, creativity, safety and intuitive methodology for each individual.

~Pamela Amsden