Pilates Reformer

1) The 5 Basic Principles

2) Postural Analysis

3) Intro to the Equipment

4) Proper alignment on Equipment

• Reformers are Pilates machines that use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. The variable resistance with Reformer Pilates is what makes it so unique and is why it’s suitable for every level of ability.
• Long, lean overall body muscle tone
• Improved flexibility and postural correction
• Core strength, balance, and body awareness
• Accelerated results

Essential Level Reformer
These are equipment-based beginning level classes. The addition of spring tension will challenge your strength and stability. All levels are welcome, with instructor permission.

Intermediate / Advanced Level Equipment
These are equipment-based continuing level classes. We increase our strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Prerequisites: Essential Level Equipment Class, instructor permission; attending class twice per week is strongly suggested.

To establish a foundation in the technique, we recommend a ‘one on one’ introductory session followed by 3 private sessions.This allows us to tailor a program to suit your needs.


In Mat Class we’ll work on essential, intermediate, and advanced level workouts to keep your knowledge of Pilates expanding & progressing. We will incorporate light equipment such as the flex-band, fitness circle, arc barrel, and stability balls to both modify exercises for all fitness levels and also to increase challenge.

Learn the Five Basic Principles and the essential exercises of STOTT Pilates. All levels are welcome, with instructor permission.  We pick up the pace and learn new exercises that will test coordination, balance, and strength. Prerequisites: Essential Mat, instructor permission; attending class twice per week is strongly suggested. Essential, Intermediate & Advanced Level Mat

Pilates >> Private & Semi-private

Private Sessions on Equipment Private sessions offer one-on-one instruction. Private sessions are customized according to your fitness level and your body’s specific needs.  They can prepare you to understand the Five Basic Principles of STOTT Pilates® and learn any modifications for your body. This allows you to maximize the benefits of Pilates to produce optimum results. Clients ranging from injured/special populations to competitive athletes will often continue in private sessions to work toward their specific training goals. Your instructor will incorporate a variety of equipment in designing your custom training program.

Semi-Private Sessions on Equipment Semi-private sessions offer the same individualized training as our private sessions, but you have the opportunity to work with a partner. These sessions are more effective if both participants are at the same level. We ask that you choose your partner and both schedule at the same time.

Pre-natal and Post-natal Pilates
pregnant exercise lake tahoe

Pilates for a healthier pregnancy. Pilates is a safe and healthy way to continue to exercise while you are pregnant, Pilates can help with breath work, pelvic floor to aid in a healthy delivery, focusing on abdominals and shoulder/scapula stability.  As well as providing strength and flexibility training for the peripheral joints. Keep exercising during pregnancy so it’s easier to bounce back to your pre-pregnant body.

If you would like to start Pilates (during the 1st trimester), we strongly recommend that you do private classes. As each pregnancy is different and we want to insure that you are working with your body in precision and safety to aid in a healthy delivery. Post natal can begin (with Doctors approval) when you are feeling up to it , and you have had some sleep! Please contact our studio for more information.Pamela has taken specialized courses through STOTT Pilates for pregnancy with both Mat classes or on the equipment. There are strict requirements as to provide you the safest level of exercise during pregnancy as well as post-natal to get you back in your best form, safely. Mat classes are great for those who have been doing Mat Pilates before pregnancy… or if starting with Pilates in early pregnancy (before 16 weeks).